Founder & CEO, HUNOME

Matthew is a very smart and hard working strategist. He has extensive experience across industries. I asked Matthew to comment on my investor presentation and he provided good insights on how to make it sharper. If you look for help on your investment path Matthew ensure to reach relevant comprehension and then offers his experience to add value.

May 22, 2013, Dominique was Matthew’s client

Jochen Schweitzer
Jochen Schweitzer
Co-founder at u.lab and Management Academic

Matthew was available at short notice. He delivered a very stimulating and inspiring talk about leading innovation by example. He challenged the audience, provided interesting insights and together with other guest speakers made the evening a valuable experience.

August 4, 2012, Jochen was with another company when working with Matthew at Growth and Innovation Asia-Pacific

Liz Ross
Liz Ross
General Manager, Freeview Australia

Matthew Ayres has a unique ability to develop a well structured business analysis for a potential product or service using strong and creative documentation which is easily understood and incorporates good sound business thinking.

July 9, 2012, Liz was Matthew’s client

Michaela Fellner
Michaela Fellner
Manager – Innovation at ANZ

I worked with Matthew on developing ANZ’s Digital Strategy including the Digital Marketing and Social Media required to engagement customers and segments. I found Matthew to be highly strategic, and his passion and insights were outstanding and enlightening. After a career in Marketing, I found Matthews views showed a lot of foresight and creativity. He is was refreshingly…more

March 18, 2012, Michaela worked indirectly for Matthew at Growth and Innovation Asia-Pacific

Daniel Prowse
Daniel Prowse
Head of Digital Marketing at ANZ

I worked with Matthew when he consulted on a large online digital transformation programme for ANZ. Matthew’s ability to reduce complexity and develop a singular vision was key in establishing engagement across multiple stakeholders from technology to marketing, and set the project up for success. I look forward to the opportunity to engage Matthew again.

March 18, 2012, Daniel was Matthew’s client

Alan Shields
Alan Shields
Managing Director – Australia & New Zealand

Matthew has been a regular presenter at high profile RFi Industry Forums such as the Australian Retail Deposits Conference and the Australian Consumer Finance Forum. In the last forum he was one of the best speakers among 40 content contributors, ranked by a cross-section of some 100 Banking and Finance senior industry professionals. I have no hesitation in recommending…more

March 15, 2012, Alan was with another company when working with Matthew at Growth and Innovation Asia-Pacific

Bob Hayward
Bob Hayward
CTO Asia/Pacific for CSC, a Fortune 150 global IT Services firm

It is hard today to find people who really understand strategy, innovation and execution. Mathew is one such person, with a proven track record in determining strategy for a variety of organisations, introducing innovation to business and then managing execution to meet goals.

March 7, 2012, Bob was with another company when working with Matthew at Growth and Innovation Asia-Pacific

Brett Savill
Brett Savill
Director Corporate Development, Broadcast Australia

Matthew has been working for several months with Broadcast Australia on a 5 year Strategic Review with a focus on growth. He has brought a huge amount of energy to the project as well as deep knowledge of innovation across many industries. We have enjoyed working with him.

March 5, 2012, Brett was Matthew’s client

Cyrus Allen
Cyrus Allen
Partner, Australia & New Zealand at Strativity Group

Matt worked with the Digital team to develop, align and articulate our strategy over a period of 5 months. During this time Matt demonstrated very strong strategy skills, a broad knowledge of the FS sector and other sectors from which he drew ideas, and a great ability to work with multiple stakeholders through complex issues and perspectives to come up with a strong,…more

February 28, 2012, Cyrus worked directly with Matthew at Growth and Innovation Asia-Pacific

Alessio Bresciani
Alessio Bresciani
Senior Digital Strategist & Channel Manager

Matthew Ayres is an adept strategist. He joined our team to bring us a view of challenges and opportunities of the future, establish our vision and create tangible metrics to track our progress. Matt’s energy and sharp thinking lifted our strategy process. While his work prompted us to think widely and deeply, it also brought us back to some fundamentals in our business,…more

February 16, 2012, Alessio was with another company when working with Matthew at Growth and Innovation Asia-Pacific

Paul Strike
Paul Strike
User Experience Director

Matthew provided critical value to the strategic positioning and communication of a strong growth area of our business. His in depth knowledge and experience of digital strategies proved to be invaluable. His commitment and dedication to our vision was nothing short of professionally excellent. I have no hesitation endorsing Mathew for any future positions.

February 15, 2012, Paul worked directly with Matthew at Growth and Innovation Asia-Pacific

Lauren Lever
Lauren Lever
Creative Director at ANZ

Working with Matthew is a rewarding and valuable experience. His knowledge, attention to detail and the ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple but engaging way is second to none. Matthews’ enthusiasm is infectious and I look forward to working with Matthew in the future. I have no hesitation in endorsing him.

February 15, 2012, Lauren worked with Matthew at Growth and Innovation Asia-Pacific

Tim Vaughan
Tim Vaughan
Global Brand Manager at Language Perfect Ltd

Matthew mentored me during my role as Marketing Strategist at Second Road and I can’t speak highly enough of his input. I largely put this down to his rare combination of left brain and right brain thinking – analytical and pragmatic yet thought provoking, innovative, and creative. Regardless of how complex a situation I was facing, Matthew had an amazing approach in…more

December 12, 2011, Tim was Matthew’s client

Lend Lease Corporation

Vikas Kaul
Vikas Kaul
Group Head of Research at Lend Lease Corporation

Matthew is a thorough strategy professional who lives and breathes corporate strategy. Armed with a profound understanding of and an arsenal of strategy tools, acquired through his long career in strategy at a number of blue chip companies, Matthew has a way of devising the best strategy under a given environment and business conditions. In addition, Matthew’s involvement…more

November 26, 2010, Vikas worked directly with Matthew at Lend Lease Corporation

Andrew Muller
Andrew Muller
CFO, Construction & Infrastructure at Lend Lease

In driving strategic thinking within the organisation Matthew certainly brings massive amounts of energy and a great discipline to everything he does.

November 18, 2010, Andrew worked with Matthew at Lend Lease Corporation

Michael E. Long
Michael E. Long
Head of Environment, Lend Lease Australia

The opportunity to work closely with Matthew at Group level across Lend Lease was a rewarding and valuable experience. Matthew’s strategic insights, pragmatic approach and ability to facilitate business planning was critical to the success of a global supply chain strategy initiative we were involved with.
Matthew’s wealth of experience and personality also make him a…more

November 16, 2010, Michael worked directly with Matthew at Lend Lease Corporation

Shasidharan CSP
Shasidharan CSP
Project Manager / Design Manager / Supply Chain & Strategic Sourcing Professional

Matthew has a deadly mix of analytical mindset and organic design thinking ability which makes him a unique strategist. His capability to analyse and translate complex issues into manageable, actionable and measurable strategies is invaluable. He has mentored me and coached me to visualise and strategise my business plans. I very much enjoyed every opportunity to…more

November 16, 2010, Shasidharan worked with Matthew at Lend Lease Corporation

Doris Spielthenner
Doris Spielthenner
Senior Manager, PwC; CEO at Ambercite

Matthew not only is a visionary, he transfers his analytic insights into actionable strategies and operational measures at a speed, that’s truly remarkable. His capability to understand complex processes and systems and translate them into value propositions that are meaningful to peers regardless of their organisational level or departmental specialisation is invaluable.

April 8, 2010, Doris was a consultant or contractor to Matthew at Lend Lease Corporation

AMP Limited

Bruno Muraca
Bruno MuracaRe-order
Practice Proposition Advice Manager – FOFA at AMP

Matthew is a very passionate about his role; he is very inclusive in that he listen to stakeholder feedback and incorporating ideas / strategies and makes logical links to the big picture. A very sharp thinker and an overall team player.

November 23, 2010, Bruno worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Shayne Gary
Shayne GaryRe-order
Associate Professor at Australian School of Business (AGSM)

I have worked with Matthew on a number of projects over the last 5 years. While working in the Strategy Group at AMP, Matthew collaborated with myself and a number of other AGSM faculty on a live case study of the business across the Executive MBA. This was the first live case study we ran in the program and served as a model for incorporating live case studies across the…more

July 21, 2010, Shayne worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Chris Dawson
Chris DawsonRe-order
Business & Marketing Strategist & IT Project Manager | Tender Writer | Content & Social Media Marketing Specialist

I am always impressed with Matthews ability to network amongst his industry peers. He is the type of person that you meet for the first time and leaves a lasting impression. He is professional, knowledgeable and full of integrity.

July 1, 2010, Chris was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Rachel Ashley
Rachel AshleyRe-order
Strategy I Business Development I Marketing – Consulting to Zurich Direct Insurance – Zurich Australia

Matthew is a true strategic thinker and this is what I experienced when doing my MBA with him, he always took the discussion to a higher level. Matthew has also dedicated his free time to helping others and giving back and this includes his time spent as a board member for the AGSM Alumni.

May 22, 2010, Rachel was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Juliet Wolfe
Juliet WolfeRe-order
Senior Consultant at Cast Professional Services

Matthew is a positive and dynamic leader who has consistently demonstrated an ability to lead complex major strategic initiatives

May 2, 2010, Juliet was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Stuart Magrath BCom (Accounting) LLB GAICD
Stuart Magrath BCom (Accounting) LLB GAICDRe-order
Executive Manager – Direct Life (Customer Distribution) at Suncorp

Matthew is a clear and concise thinker and is not frightened to explore new ways to drive growth and innovation. He has a real intuition for what could be and is relentless in his drive to test this.

April 27, 2010, Stuart worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Wendy Lenton
Wendy LentonRe-order
Director, People & Performance, George Weston Foods

Its clear from the recommendations Matthew has to date that he is an extraordinary person, who cares deeply about what he delivers in the work sense and goes beyond the best to achieve that. His approach is about making a significant & sustainable difference that brings step change to any business. He is also a very grounded person who can teach and deliver to a range…more

April 24, 2010, Wendy worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Greg Healy
Greg HealyRe-order
Managing Director, AMP Capital Investors Singapore / AMP Asian Business

I have known Matthew Ayres for approximately 10 years and have worked with him on a number of strategic projects, both as part of AMP and also as a consultant. Matthew has always displayed the highest integrity and focus for the work he does for his clients and brings a deep level of intelligent and innovative thinking to any planning process. He is a strategist however he…more

April 19, 2010, Greg was Matthew’s client

Matthew Sinclair
Matthew SinclairRe-order
Director at Carpadium Consulting

When Douglas Adams coined the phrase “brain the size of a planet”, I’m sure that he was thinking about Matthew Ayres. I had the good fortune to sit next to Matthew at my very first MBA lecture, and from then on he became one of the most interesting and engaging characters in the course. Matthew is never short of an enlightened and well reasoned point of view, not to…more

April 19, 2010, Matthew was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Ramesh Murthy
Ramesh MurthyRe-order
Head of Portfolio Relationship Management , EPMO at AMP

Matthew is passionate about driving growth and innovation in organisations and is constantly challenging status quo. Presents him self well and is great to work with.

April 14, 2010, Ramesh worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Andrew Collier
Andrew CollierRe-order
Program Director

Matthews enthusiasm, passion and drive allows him to engage with diverse stakeholder groups to deliver innovative results

April 8, 2010, Andrew worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Rahul Badethalav
Rahul BadethalavRe-order
Equity Research Analyst at Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Matthew has the uncanny ability to tease out the creative and lateral thinking abilities of those around him. There is an exciting and inspiring energy that grows in any conversation with him. Matthew is an incredible role model and mentor for any aspiring young professional.

April 8, 2010, Rahul worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Veronica Figarella
Veronica FigarellaRe-order
Product Marketing and Sales Independent Consultant

Matthew is an outgoing entrepreneur who possess great communication skills. He shared his knowledge about innovation and strategic planning in several presentations I had the pleasure to attend.
He is a creative individual with “can do” attitude.
I will recommend him for any endeavors he decides to pursue.

April 8, 2010, Veronica was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Andrew Hobern
Andrew HobernRe-order
Director Business Performance at AMP Financial Services

Matthew is a very strtong strategic thinker, with an ability to develop new concepts and solutions to exploit business opportunities. Importantly his passion, style and ability meant he was able to get wide spread organisational support for new concepts. .

April 7, 2010, Andrew worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Brent McDougall +85225211194
Brent McDougall +85225211194Re-order
Manager – Architecture and Design, Construction and Engineering and Supply Chain and Procurement at Hays

Matthew has been an absolute pleasure to work with and is a true thought leader within the Innovation and Strategy community. He has an extremely pragmatic approach and brings a commercial sensibility that is sometimes overlooked in this area.

Matthew would be a major asset to any organisation within any industry!

April 6, 2010, Brent was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Franki Chamaki
Franki ChamakiRe-order
Co-Founder, Coca-Cola Accelerator at The Coca-Cola Company

Matthew is truly an innovative individual that is focus on the big picture. Combined with strategic thinking, Matthew has a gift is to communicate complex initiatives into simple concepts in a way that each stakeholder understands. He has an excellent insight to key business drivers and is able to translate business ideas into innovation with direct alignment to strategy….more

April 6, 2010, Franki worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Peter Stone
Peter StoneRe-order
Director PS2 Pty Ltd

Matthew has that rare combination of deep cleverness and an inclusive approach to strategy formation. I was always impressed by his willingness to listen and learn whilst also formulating his own ideas and approaches to complex opportunities and challenges.

April 6, 2010, Peter worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Peter Nicholas
Peter NicholasRe-order
Managing Director / CEO at AHC

Matthew is a super star! There are few people that you get to who have an insatiable appetite for doing the very best – Matthew is one of them. You know when you work with him you will be challenged to do your best to get the best possible result and be challenged by new ideas and thinking. He’s one of the best. Cheers, Peter

April 6, 2010, Peter worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Tom Lucey
Tom LuceyRe-order
Managing Director – Money Direct and Home Lending at GE Capital

Over many years I found Matthew to be an “out of the box” creative thinker who had the ability to simplify complex problems or leverage profitable opportunities to drive productivity and increase returns to shareholders. Matthew displays and lives the values organisations aspire to have in their employees.

April 5, 2010, Tom worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Greg Kirk
Greg KirkRe-order
Non Executive Director, Strategy Consultant, Executive Search Principal and Coach

Matthew worked with me on some critical strategic projects and I found him to be an inspiring and focussed professional who possesses a strong intellect and the right level of courage and creativity to be able to be a successful individual.

April 5, 2010, Greg worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Janine Cahill
Janine CahillRe-order
CEO at Future Journeys

Matthew is a great strategist: innovator, thinker, implementer, communicator.

April 5, 2010, Janine was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Chris Macdonald
Chris MacdonaldRe-order
Senior Change Manager at BT Financial Group / Country Lead CMI China

Matthew is one of those rare people who hold senior strategy roles but have their feet firmly on the ground. I worked on a few occasions with Matthew on growth initiatives. It seems to me that Matthew is not prepared to fly away into strategy and solution without engaging key stakeholders and really listening, digging and acting on their input. I have enjoyed and learned…more

April 3, 2010, Chris worked indirectly for Matthew at AMP Limited

Jorge Efentakis
Jorge EfentakisRe-order
Portfolio Manager at Westpac

Matthew’s strategic thinking formed the backbone for many successful initiatives at AMP Financial Planning such as the Horizons Academy.

His inspiring personality is contagious and it was a priviliga for me to work with him.

April 2, 2010, Jorge was a consultant or contractor to Matthew at AMP Limited

Leah South
Leah SouthRe-order
Senior Human Resources Leader at News Corp Australia

Matthew is a great strategic thinker, innovative in his approach and ideas, and has done the ground work to back up his ideas. He is highly motivated and driven, and likes to push the boundaries to see people and businesses realise fulfil their potential. Matthew ‘tells it like it is’ – a characteristice that is valued by many – and is genuine in the relationships he…more

April 1, 2010, Leah worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Roger March PhD
Roger March PhDRe-order
Higher education specialist in business school management – seeking FT academic position

Matthew developed powerful insights into our organizational culture and educational and research offerings that enabled us to craft a more sophisticated strategic direction.

April 1, 2010, Roger worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Matt O'Kane
Matt O’KaneRe-order
Head of Product at SiteMinder

Studying my MBA at AGSM only got me part the way there. Matthew inspired me to lift my game above and beyond. He has a great energy, strategic thinker with a clear concise way of explaining his vision. I loved working with Matt and look forward to doing so again.

March 31, 2010, Matt worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Timothy Devinney
Timothy DevinneyRe-order
Professor at University of Technology, Sydney

Matthew is a dedicated open minded but tough consultant who dug deep into the organization. He was great at telling the powers that be what they needed to hear, not what they wanted to hear.

March 31, 2010, Timothy was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Phil Cornish
Phil CornishRe-order
Director, Borderless Networks at Cisco Systems

Matt is an experienced strategy executive who has a strong ability to work across functions and industries.

March 31, 2010, Phil was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Rod Boothman
Rod BoothmanRe-order
Head of Project Governance & Services

Matthew has a rare talent for bridging Strategy to Reality for all levels of people within an organisation through engagement, collaboration, process and hard work. Not only is Matthew visionary, he connects well with people and drives outcomes that make sense, using new and innovative ways of organisational unification.

March 30, 2010, Rod worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

David Swain
David SwainRe-order
Stakeholder Engagment, Customer Strategy, Marketing, Facilitator, Teacher, Program Implementation, Change Management

Mathew led innovation at AMP – he was one of a few people in only a few companies who were successful in the implementation of structured innovation capabiilties.

March 30, 2010, David was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Andrew Mencinsky
Andrew MencinskyRe-order
Program Manager at AMP

Matthew has one of the best strategic minds I’ve come across. He was able to rapidly cut through noise to pinpoint issues and opportunities, and rapidly develop effective solutions to the issues and initiatives to take advantage of the opportunities.

March 30, 2010, Andrew was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Michael Priddis
Michael PriddisRe-order
Director at S&C

Matthew couples an expert knowledge in strategy and innovation with a very well developed ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple and structured way. Importantly, Matthew does so in a very human, engaging and accessible manner. As well as our AMP-related conversations, Matthew has provided valuable input to my firm’s growth and service development, and he remains…more

March 30, 2010, Michael was a consultant or contractor to Matthew at AMP Limited

Brett Cowell
Brett CowellRe-order
Senior Manger – America’s Advisory Consumer Products and Retail Sector at EY

I interacted with Matthew several times in his role of Head of Growth and Innovation at AMP. I always found Matthew to be intellectually quick and challenging in his knowledge of the innovation agenda and process – bringing together several of the leading areas of thought in the field of corporate innovation.

March 30, 2010, Brett was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Lance Orsmond
Lance OrsmondRe-order
Experienced Business Intelligence Thought Leader

Matthew is the “Strategic Eye & Brain” to big company visions. Possessing rare balance in thought leadership, strategy and innovation -Matthew builds credible and inspiring strategies that grow organisations and push the borders of innovation. At AMP I was priviledged to work with him on mutual business passions and learnt a lot from him.

March 30, 2010, Lance worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Stephanie Owen
Stephanie OwenRe-order
Strategy Execution Change Agent & Program Manager

I had the pleasure of working on an assignment with Matthew when we were both part of Group Strategy in 2001, and we have maintained contact over the years. Matthew is an experienced strategy executive who is has an excellent grasp of key business drivers. He is analytical yet creative, intelligent, and personable. His perspectives and insights are always worth listening to.

March 30, 2010, Stephanie worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Alice Kalambokas
Alice KalambokasRe-order
Financial Services

Whilst I have not had the pleasure to work directly with Matthew, I have dealt with Matthew through AGSM connections and very much recommend him for his clear thinking, initiative and willingness to provide assistance when needed. I would recommend Matthew as a mentor to anyone.

March 30, 2010, Alice was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Janelle Sheather
Janelle SheatherRe-order
Experienced HR and Employee Relations Professional

I have known Matthew for many years while we were both at AMP. I admired Matthew from the first time I saw him present to the HR team – confident, enthusiastic and full of passion for creativity, innovation & meaning. While Matthew was much more senior than I, he was always approachable and happy to give his time to coach/ mentor others. Matthew has a gift for…more

March 30, 2010, Janelle worked indirectly for Matthew at AMP Limited

Angela Sedran
Angela SedranRe-order
Consultant at Quest Worldwide

I cannot recommend Matt highly enough! He is a pleasure to deal with and the quality of his work is outstanding.

March 30, 2010, Angela was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Monique Twort
Monique TwortRe-order
Head of Trustee Services at Public Trust

Matthew was a leader on strategic planning work that I was involved. His approach and methodology were just what was needed to enable stakeholders to make key decisions. Thanks Matthew

March 30, 2010, Monique worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Lynette Nixon
Lynette NixonRe-order
Industry Fellow – Innovation and Design Thinking at University of Technology, Sydney

Matthew is an extraordinary thinker, the inspriation for which is grounded in sound business knowledge. The insight he brings to solve complex problems reflect an innovative spirit combined with pragmatic decision making.

March 30, 2010, Lynette was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Steve Helmich
Steve HelmichRe-order
Director Financial Planning,Advice & Services

Matthew is a great strategic thinker who ideas challenge business leaders to push the boundaries of their operation. Always looking for a new trend or concept to lift results or open up new markets

March 30, 2010, Steve worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Aswin Andrison
Aswin AndrisonRe-order
MBA Candidate at London Business School

I had the privilege to work with Matt to devise the strategic vision for the Australian School of Business – ASB2015. Whilst we didn’t spend too much face to face time together, we regularly communicated through various means to make sure that we were in the same page. Matt is calm, logical and enthusiastic corporate strategist with extensive strategic planning experience…more

March 29, 2010, Aswin worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Margaret Manson
Margaret MansonRe-order
Chief Inspirator. Game Changer. Helps businesses leverage Competitive Advantage through Brand & Culture leadership.

Matthew is one of the pioneers of strategic business innovation in Australia. A collaborator, he has amassed deep knowledge and insights into developing and shaping innovation strategy as a driver of business sustainability. He is always exploring new tools and leading trends that can give his company a competitive edge. As the creator of InnoFuture I value Matt’s support…more

March 29, 2010, Margaret was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Desmond Lim
Desmond LimRe-order
Corporate Strategy Manager at Tabcorp Holdings Limited

Matthew is a creatively restless and strategic thinker and applies his craft through well managed thought processes, robust frameworks and ‘out of the box’ solutions

March 29, 2010, Desmond worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Ben Harvey
Ben HarveyRe-order
Founder and Managing Director at Skimming Stone

Matthew has always impressed me by his ability to bring a natural enthusiasm and drive to both his work and how he interacts with and engages others. In my experience he always “buys in” and related to projects that are strategic, creative and dynamic (and those that are less so!) because he seemed to value those attributes in his own and others work and endeavors.


March 29, 2010, Ben was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Allan Ryan
Allan RyanRe-order
Executive Director of Hargraves Institute Pty Ltd

Matthew combines deep knowledge and analytical ability of a strategist with the openminded and inquiring mind of a corporate innovator in large complex enterprises. These capabilities deliver both the day to day excellence as well as the long term exploration and differentiation.

March 29, 2010, Allan was with another company when working with Matthew at AMP Limited

Matthew Brotherton
Matthew BrothertonRe-order
Director, Head of GTS and Payments Projects at Westpac

Matthew worked in a leadership position within the Group Strategy function at AMP, whilst I was working in Information Technology. Matthew demonstrated commercial astuteness in his analysis and is able to translate complex and volumous data, into meaningful information. His analysis and recommendations are sound, and has proven to be an effective strategic consultant, who…more

March 29, 2010, Matthew worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Andrew Fairweather
Andrew FairweatherRe-order
Founding Partner and Managing Director, Winston Capital Partners

Matthew is an exceptional strategist who has the proven ability to create value by quickly understanding the nature of any problem and by then offering innovative ideas that can be implemented. In short, if I had a complex organisational problem that needed solving, Matthew would be at the top of my list in terms of helping to solve it!

March 29, 2010, Andrew worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Lee Tonitto
Lee TonittoRe-order
Founder and Principal Tonitto & Partners , Chair Australian Marketing Institute

Matthew is a seasoned strategy executive who has worked across the breadth of AMP over many years. His strategic insights and rigour have been applied to the most challenging industry issues. In working with Matthew, I found him to be deeply engaging, professional and a man of absolute integrity. He will succeed in whatever he sets him mind to.

November 9, 2008, Lee worked with Matthew at AMP Limited

Andrew Crawford
Andrew CrawfordRe-order
Business Consultant, Non Executive Director

Matthew is a great strategic thinker who I have always found very approachable and ready to offer new ideas and ways of creatively attacking the challenge. Matthew is highly organised, rated for his ability to work through complexity and lead people to the growth opportunities.

October 21, 2008, Andrew worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited

Jill Craig
Jill CraigRe-order
Director Investor Relations at AMP Limited

Matthew is a highly regarded senior member of the AMP strategy team. He’s known within the business for bringing a high degree of intellect and discipline to the discussion around strategic issues including growth.

January 8, 2008, Jill worked directly with Matthew at AMP Limited


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