1: Industry futures: How will the industry change in the future?

2. Critical industry trends: What major trends that are shaping the future market?

3. Strategic planning: How do we plan for the future in a structured manner?

4. Growth strategy: What will drive revenue growth and organisation value?

5. Digital and online strategy: How can the rapidly growing digital markets be used?

6. Social media strategy: How should social media be used to grow the business?

6. Business model development: How is the business constructed; should it change?

7. Innovation management: How to renew and reinvent past successes?

8. Capability analysis: How strong are the businesses capabilities

9. Product development: How do we take products and services to market?

10. Business transformation: When should we redesign the way re operate?

11. Business case reviews: How robust is our investment evaluation? 

12. Key note speaking: Inspiring leaders and staff with the latest innovation.

13. Mentoring: Empowering leaders and managers with quality counsel and advice.

14. Workshops: Engaging teams on 1-3 day sessions with clear outcomes.

15. Transformation: When does the business need to fundamentally change?

16. Custom work: Any unsolved challenge, any areas of support required.

Matthew’s 20 years strategy experience has allowed him to create tools, empower teams, set industry standards for growth across many domestic and international companies. No challenge is too complex. No company is out of scope. If you need fresh thinking and a new way to grow, just call for a chat or email.


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