Daniel Petre and Disruption

At this years AGSM annual cocktail function we asked Daniel Petre to speak on disruption. As the prior Vice President of the Workgroup Division, Director of Advanced Technology and Director of the Asia Pacific Region for Microsoft he certainly had a range of helpful views. Image

His passion for IP enabled devices was a strong underlying theme – i.e. devices that are connected and accessible via the internet. But why is this so important? It’s important because its growing exponentionally and also allows life to be measured – measured in more and more granular ways. And with this measurement, there are new ways to identify value and also to serve customers.

Another theme was the skill levels of Boards to govern disruption. Very few boards have deep digital and online skill sets. Very few Boards have the skills to foresee the massive and systemic change impacting the markets in which its company may operate. Yet these very Boards are empowered to make the largest strategic decisions. Daniel raised this issue as a major concern. Im in full agreement and belie new board models are required.

Disruption from the digital and internet enabled economy will not slowdown. Companies that are proactive and engage in this change will be the leaders of tomorrow. Id enjoy discussing how to address the above concerns with any company.


The attached picture is courtesy of AGSM/UNSW


About Matthew Ayres

Matthew Ayres is a passionate leader focused on driving top line revenue growth for major corporations.
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