What Motivates People to Innovate?

There are those who innovate for pure need. They are so frustrated, they create something to solve a real and immediate need. Then there is a different group who dont have a personal need but like to work with others to solve a wider need, maybe in their company department or maybe in a voluntary manner. Further, there are those who seem to be full of ideas and have a need to express those views, with or without an immediate need.

Just considering these groups alone (certainly not exhaustive) , there may be merits in each depending on your context and need. I the first case, if you have a similar issue, there may be a real desire to see how the problem was solved by another individual. In the second group, who juist enjoy teams and working together, this also attracts people who share this way of working and hence can allow connections between departtments and work well for complex business issues. Finally, the last group can be valuable when there is a lack of ideas to catalyse new thinking. This is most beneficial in companies who have been operating the same way for many years and seem wed on staying the same no matter the cost.

Id like to hear other views on styles and approaches that are either helpful or raise problems.



About Matthew Ayres

Matthew Ayres is a passionate leader focused on driving top line revenue growth for major corporations.
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